Download & Install Tomographer

Download Options

If you’d like to use the Python tomographer package, then you don’t need to download anything. Just use pip as described here).

If you would like to use the tomorun executable, then it is recommended to download the binary version corresponding to your system (see below).

If you’d like to compile tomorun or the Python interface from source, scroll down and follow the corresponding instructions.

Downloading & Installing Tomorun Binary


If there’s a binary distribution for your system, that’s your best option. (See all releases here.)

If you couldn’t find a binary for your system, or if the binary is incompatible or doesn’t work, then you’ll have to compile Tomographer from sources (next section).


The installation of the binary is normally straightforward.

Linux and Mac OS X

Unpack the archive anywhere on your system (say, somewhere in your home directory, or system-wide like in /opt/tomographer/). You may then run the tomorun executable in the Terminal by executing directly the binary inside the archive, inside the bin/ subdirectory:

> /path/to/extracted/tomographer-v5.4-linux/bin/tomorun

The archive also contains the header files necessary if you want to develop projects using the Tomographer C++ Framework.

It is not recommended to extract the archive in a system-standard location such as /usr or /usr/local, because we may ship alternative versions of system libraries. These could interfere with your system if they are placed in /usr/local/lib or some other standard location. For a system-wide install, simply symlink the tomorun executable to, e.g., /usr/local/bin/:

> cd /usr/local/bin
> sudo ln -s /path/to/extracted/tomographer-v5.4-linux/bin/tomorun .


Unpack the archive anywhere on your system, such as inside C:\MySoftware. It will create a single folder named tomographer-v5.4-win-mingw32.

You can then access the tomorun executable, using the command-line DOS prompt, as

>C:\MySoftware\tomographer-v5.4-win-mingw32\bin\tomorun.exe [options]

Downloading & Installing Tomorun From Source


You’ll need:

A recent C++ compiler is required as some C++11 features and elements of its standard library are used. If you use LLVM/Clang++ on linux, you might need to install additional packages for OpenMP (e.g. libomp).

Tested on Linux/Ubuntu, Mac OS X and Windows (MinGW32).

Note: OpenMP is now no longer needed if your compiler supports C++ threads (std::thread). This is the case for many compilers, including Apple’s clang.


You may download the source in either of two ways:

  • Obtain a stable source distribution (TAR.GZ archive). (alternative formats: ZIP, TAR.BZ2)

    If you’re not too familiar with git and don’t plan to modify Tomographer itself, this is what you should download. Unpack the archive anywhere you want and continue with the installation instructions below.

  • Clone the git repository. Do this if you know a bit of git, if you wish to keep up-to-date with future updates, or if you wish to contribute to the development of Tomographer itself.

    If you plan to contribute and are willing to send changes back (yes please!), go ahead and fork the repo on github, and send me pull requests. Don’t hesitate to contact me for questions and for mid-term or longer-term plans, especially for the APIs.

Note: do NOT use github’s automatic “download ZIP” or “download source code” feature, as you’ll either miss out on git meta-information, or on auto-generated files in the official source distributions.

Installation from Source

In either case, you’ll now have unpacked the sources at some location. You may now follow the instructions detailed in the README file. The main steps are:

Set up a build directory and run cmake

tomographer-v5.4> mkdir build
tomographer-v5.4> cd build
tomographer-v5.4/build> cmake ..

You may re-run cmake multiple times in order to find all libraries correctly. Use the appropriate switches (see the README file in the tomographer sources)

Compile the project

tomographer-v5.4/build> make

(Optional) install the project to a system location

tomographer-v5.4/build> make install/strip

You’ll then have the tomorun executable, as well as the headers library, installed at a system location or wherever you specified to cmake.